Introduction of QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooks Premier Hosting program allows you to store your QuickBooks Desktop data file on a service provider's server and run your QuickBooks Desktop from any location with an internet connection. This program is ideal for businesses that need to access their QuickBooks data from multiple locations. QuickBooks Premier Hosting also provides data backup and security, so you can rest assured that your QuickBooks data is safe and secure.

The best way for the small and mid-sized enterprises to get their business up and running is to opt for a cloud computing solution. QuickBooks Premier Cloud Hosting with Quick Cloud is the right choice for small business owners as it offers many advantages like reduced cost of ownership, easy installation, anytime-anywhere access and easy integration with other applications.

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More flexibility and Control with

QuickBooks Premier Hosting

Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses can handle their information. This high-tech method of computing delivers powerful resources to businesses while simultaneously offering them great flexibility and control. Quickbooks Premier Hosting is one of the latest in cloud computing advantages. It delivers powerful functions to business owners through the convenience of an online application.

It offers businesses the greatest amount of flexibility and control, giving them the freedom and ability to take advantage of their resources whenever they need them. Quickbooks hosting also enables businesses to manage and secure the information they are storing at any point in time, giving them complete control over their data and applications.

Experienced Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks Desktop

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QuickBooks Premier Hosting benefits with Quick Cloud

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Enterprise Grade Protection

Enterprise Grade Protection

Daily data Backups

Daily data Backups

High Availability

High Availability

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Free setup/Migration

Free setup/Migration

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

24* 7 Free Technical Support

24* 7 Free Technical Support

Cloud benefits are becoming more important for organizations these days. The benefits include: centralizing data access, lowering IT costs, and eliminating or reducing paperwork. With Quickbooks hosting, businesses can use servers running on the Internet, allowing users to access and operate their accounting software from virtually anywhere. Businesses can check their customers' invoices anytime - at home, at work, or while on the road. Our servers are setup on secure, reliable, and private networks to ensure maximum security.
Quickbooks hosting has a number of unique features that make it the preferred choice for many small to mid-sized businesses across the United States. It helps you manage and analyze your finances, while providing you with access to different accounting features. You get quick access to banking tools, payroll processing options, inventory tracking and analysis, and more. The convenience of Quick cloud hosting means that your accounting software is always ready and available, whenever you need it. Quickbooks hosting provides you with the tools and flexibility you need to manage your accounting information.

Quick Cloud Offers:

Secure & Reliable cloud hosting for QuickBooks Desktop

Data Security

256 Bit bank grade SSL encryption

Enterprise level network protection

Advanced firewall deployment

PCI Complaint

Regular security audits

Client specific permissions on data

SSAE-18 certified Datacenters


Daily data backup on multiple locations

Manual & Automated backups

Onsite & Offsite backup

Tested backup copies

60 days rollover backup copies


Quick servers for increased productivity

Equipped with load balancing techniques

Optimized resource utilization for better output

Located at key geographic locations

CDN enabled for fast data access

The above-mentioned measures make cloud hosting for QuickBooks desktop on our servers more secure, efficient, and productive. We understand the value of your data, and therefore, the methods and practices we have in place ensure the safety of your data and give you the freedom to work carefree. Apart from this, the benefits of cloud hosting for QuickBooks desktop are that the cost is significantly less than what you would pay to host for traditional QuickBooks on your hardware. There are no limitations to the functionality of your hosted QuickBooks instance, and you can have multiple users accessing their data files at the same time without any problems.
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Higher Availability with Quick Cloud Servers
Higher Availability with Quick Cloud Servers

The higher the availability of platforms, the higher is the revenue for your business. We understand our clients cannot afford to be down, considering the nature of your business. That is why we ensure our servers are always running and functional to provide you with the best QuickBooks cloud hosting experience. Server uptime is one of the essential factors for Illustrator while choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider. With dedicated load balancing in place, you can focus on increasing sales and revenue and not worrying about the availability of your data. We ensure that your data is up all the time on our platforms and accessible to you.
Be more productive with Collaborated team effort

Get simultaneous access to the cloud from different locations using any device. Collaborating with your team while working with QuickBooks on a hosting server increases efficiency and helps businesses achieve more output. It also increases the synchronization between the users and facilitates efficient sharing of documents, files, information, and knowledge between teams and employees in an organization.
Be more productive with Collaborated team effort
QuickBooks Hosting on completely Managed servers
QuickBooks Hosting on completely Managed servers

Cloud hosting for QuickBooks is ideal for accounting firms and small companies who need fast and dependable desktop support without the hefty prices of an on-premises installation. Nowadays, there is no reason to run a company from your home or a small office. In this computer age, a growing number of people are opting for mobile computing. The convenience and control of on- demand access to QuickBooks software via the Internet are more appealing to many than running your infrastructure. Our expert team fully manages Quick Cloud servers and does not require any routine actions from the customer end. You can focus on growing your business and managing your books and leave the server management to our expert team, which means you will be getting a seamless QuickBooks cloud hosting experience on our well-managed platforms.

Benefits of our Managed Servers

  • Daily Security audits
  • Running routine backups.
  • Resource utilization for optimized performance.
  • Daily software updates.
  • Server maintenance
  • Constant real time monitoring for server health

What are the supported versions of QB premier hosting on
Quick Cloud servers:

  • QB Premier Professional
  • QB General Business
  • QB General Contractor
  • QB Manufacturing & Wholesale
  • QB Retail management
  • QB Premier Non profit

All QuickBooks Premier Accounting software is supported on our Quick Cloud servers, including the US, UK, and Canadian versions. The versions that can be deployed on our platforms are 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2018,2019, 2020,2021, and 2022. All the features, functionalities work seamlessly on our fast-paced and optimized servers for security, data backups, and disaster management and recovery options. Moreover, by hosting QuickBooks with QuickCloud, you can access your hosted QuickBooks from all kinds of devices like Windows Desktop, MAC, Linux, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc. Interestingly, you will be connected to the server by just double-clicking on a single icon. You will have the facility of transferring your files from the server to your local device and vice-versa. You can enjoy the multi-user access environment where you and your staff can log on to the same company file from different locations simultaneously.

-:- We also provide hosting for -:-

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Accountant

Why Quick Cloud is the best cloud hosting for QuickBooks Desktop?

Your entire accounting process will be handled on our platforms by simply uploading your QuickBooks file to the cloud. It means that you'll be able to do your accounting right from anywhere, anytime, without the need for your employee's computer. As well as having industry-explicit highlights of QuickBooks Desktop Premier on a cutting edge set of capacities and devices that are completely adjustable as per your specific business' prerequisites. Our top-tier cloud hosting adds opportunity, versatility, and adaptability to the incredible QuickBooks Premier application. We are certain that we can give you the sharpest arrangements at the most affordable charges to help you do your business bookkeeping like a master.

Reliability & Privacy

Our platforms are designed to keep your data secure and private with the help of enterprise grade tools those are deployed to the server.

Add-ons Supported

All the sync tools and third party add-ons are supported on our cloud servers; our platforms are highly compatible with QuickBooks data integration tools.


You can access your data on a go through internet from anywhere in the world, and that is too from different devices including Phones and iPads also.

Zero Downtime

We understand the value of your time and that why we ensure that your data is up and available to you all the time, we have a uptime of almost 100% on our cloud servers.

Cost Reduction

Our pay as you go model allows you to pay only for what you are using on cloud and we take care of your IT issues for you on the cloud that significantly reduces the cost.

QuickBooks server hosting on dedicated cloud platform:

  • Complete administrative control
  • Scheduled software updates
  • SSD based superfast storage
  • Resources committed for your organization
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Maintained servers

Cyber Security

Advanced and latest measures applied on QB dedicated servers for a resilient and secure solution with exceptional cloud and data privacy capabilities to deliver an optimized system performance. Accountants can log in and work with their online stored data in secure data centers with QuickBooks server hosting on managed servers.

More control with Flexibility

Now get more control over your server with servers that offer flexibility and choice, allowing you to adapt and evolve with a modern IT infrastructure. Have access to accounting information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. QuickBooks hosting is simple and easy to use on Quick cloud platforms with extensive features for your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Scalability and flexibility help your organization grow and provide an all-in-one solution to your accounting & tax operations.

Seamless data migration and integration

With the help of our IT experts, your data will be transferred with improved data protection and privacy across our entire IT ecosystem by encrypting each stage of the data’s lifecycle, transmission, storage, and processing. Connect seamlessly with your current apps to keep your business running smoothly with hosted QuickBooks on a Quick cloud server.

With our dedicated servers, you can be assured of our security & compliance; moreover, our plans are flexible and can be upgraded as per your requirements. Quick Cloud allows customization for QuickBooks server hosting as all the resources are only available to the client instead of a shared resources arrangement. As for the accounting industry, the servers should process fast and retrieve information quicker for the accountants to get the best hosting experience. We are committed to giving you a fantastic cloud hosting experience with responsive customer support on our Quick servers.

Presently have your number one bookkeeping program on Quick Cloud Hosting for further developed usefulness and productivity. Over six years of involvement in QuickBooks server hosting, we have developed master devoted cloud servers for bookkeepers, CPAs, and other monetary ventures. Endeavour grade assurance, backup for your QuickBooks work area with affirmed data centers, guarantees the wellbeing and security of your information and data.

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