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ProSeries is tax preparation software that helps you file returns by automatically collecting data for return filing. It is known for its ease of use and helps increase productivity to deliver to your clients. You can prepare and file returns with the help of advanced associated features in this tax software; this feature also saves you time. Features like K-1 transfer, jump to input, and where do I enter? When combined with ProSeries hosting on the cloud, this advanced feature becomes very beneficial due to the flexible cloud solutions; the value goes beyond having 24/7 remote access to accounting information. Real-time access to your financial information gives you and your clients the agility to make immediate changes as the need arises. With ProSeries hosting, you can deliver the best economic outcomes for your clients.

Quick Cloud Hosting: Effective cloud solutions
for your ProSeries hosting

Not only does cloud adoption and real-time accounting add to the delight of your clients, but it also empowers your practice to operate faster and smarter. By choosing the right ProSeries cloud hosting provider to work with, you are effectively hiring your enterprise security team without the associated costs and management. Cloud technology can permit access to better services, skills, and infrastructure and reduce the headaches of keeping systems up to date and secure. Ultimately, using a cloud solution affords better protection than storing data on-premises. Quick Cloud is an experienced ProSeries hosting provider and offers other features that help in improving collaboration, availability, and even security. Adding cloud technology to their business will carry accountants well into the next decade. With administrative tasks virtually eliminated, accountants will have more time to focus on their clients, and in some cases, as our report shows, take some time back for themselves.

Easier return filing with ProSeries cloud hosting


Easier return filing with Proseries cloud hosting

Now accelerate the process of tax return filing with cloud-based ProSeries features; ProSeries cloud hosting powers modern-day tax professionals to deal with the busy tax seasons. Our hosting platforms are highly user-friendly and interactive, giving you a smooth tax preparation experience. Overcome the hassle of tax return filing by moving your ProSeries tax on the cloud for better efficiency and productivity. Seamless and quick access to your data files on our cloud servers from all kinds of devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The Quick Cloud Hosting lets your workforce team members work together on the same files simultaneously, no matter wherever they are.

ProSeries tax hosting allows Real-time access to your data in secure environment

ProSeries tax hosting allows Real-time access to your data in secure environment

Make your tax preparations faster and easier in a secure cloud environment with real-time access to your data from anywhere, anytime. Make your business more productive with ProSeries tax hosting on Quick cloud by time-saving tools and features; this makes users more efficient in their day-to-day tax preparing tasks. Our servers are scalable as per your business needs which means resources can be added to your server whenever required. Now sharing information becomes way more accessible with our ProSeries tax hosting solutions. Your employees can be more collaborative and produce better output with teamwork. Also, you don't have to worry about data loss or data breaches as your data is stored on remote servers in state-of-the-art data centers and backed up daily.

proseries-tax-hosting-allows -real-time-access

Benefits of ProSeries tax software hosting

Improved Efficiency

Reducing paperwork and repetitive tasks through automation on the cloud leads to increased efficiency. Now eliminate your traditional spreadsheets with a cloud evolution.


Scalable servers provide you with the flexibility to add resources as your business grows; we provide scalable solutions to fit your needs.

Increased Accessibility

Now easily share data and information with other users anytime and anywhere with any device. With ProSeries tax software hosting, eliminate location limitations and create a better work-life balance.

Cost Effective

Now pay on a pay-as-you-go basis, no upfront or setup costs. Updates and server maintenance are covered at the same price.

Data Backups

Daily data backup on multiple layers tested backup copies. Your data is safe is secure on our Quick Cloud platforms.

Decision Making

With the real-time information available anytime, you can make decisions faster without waiting for the year-end historical data.

How do we ensure data security on ProSeries Cloud?


We understand the importance of your data; protecting your data is our topmost priority. We have taken advanced measures and practices on our cloud servers to ensure the safeguarding of your data. Data privacy is one of the prime benefits offered on our cloud platforms. By choosing the Quick Cloud, you effectively hire your enterprise security team without the associated costs and management. Cloud technology can permit access to better services, skills, and infrastructure and reduce the headaches of keeping systems up to date and secure. Ultimately, using a cloud solution affords better protection than storing data on-premises.

✔ SSAE-18 datacenters:

Our servers are hosted with SSAE-18 certified data centers. You can be assured that your data is safe and backed up in secured data centers worldwide. It is encrypted and can be accessed by the person having the authorization. We ensure ultimate safety to your business’s accounting data using reputed security tools.

✔ Firewall deployment:

Advanced firewall protection is deployed across the networks to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic if it detects any possible threats and eliminates them in real-time; this makes our cloud network more secure with the special firewall rules.

✔ Regular scanning:

Continuous server scanning to identify any vulnerability has been done daily in the background in real-time. Quick Cloud has huge, dedicated security teams working around the clock to protect against the latest real-time attacks.

✔ 256 bit encryption:

We use 256 bit SSL that encrypts the data files. It is one of the most secure encryption methods that are available today. This ensures that your sensitive information is protected and only accessible by authorized users.

✔ Secure Infrastructure:

Our infrastructure is designed to ensure your information's confidentiality, integrity, and availability; we have preventive measures installed to deny unauthorized access, modification, deletion, and theft of resources and data. Being a PCI compliant ProSeries cloud hosting provider, our platforms are maintained adequately for security and optimized performance.

Seamless Integration with add-ons by hosting
ProSeries tax software

Our servers are optimized for smooth integration of your add-ons without affecting the performance of your tax software. You can also use other third-party add-ons to integrate other accounting solutions that help you grow your business. You can add more value to our high-performance servers by hosting your ProSeries tax software with us and having a hassle-free business experience. This will not only expand your software capabilities but will also increase productivity. Some of the most commonly used add-ons on our cloud platforms are Intuit practice management, e signature, document management, and client organizer. The integration will be seamless for a smooth transition so that you can handle your tax preparation more efficiently and effectively. The accounting practice will continue to evolve, much like the accountants of earlier centuries. Embrace the change today and keep doing what you love, but smarter with our ProSeries cloud hosting solutions.

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Moving to the ProSeries cloud now is the right thing to do


Moving to the Proseries cloud now is the right thing to do

Embracing technological change means embracing opportunity. In the beginning, accountants used primitive counting methods to observe the growth of crops and herds, but they continued to develop the trade so clients could keep a record of their earnings and expenses. Today the purpose is the same, but the tools are far more advanced. We’ve migrated from the traditional methods used for bookkeeping to cloud computing. The one thing that we can all agree on is that change is happening and happening fast. With the cloud-based benefits of high-performing servers, it seems a great deal to cut your overhead IT expenses; sharing data for multi-user collaborations is one of the other highlights the cloud has to offer.

Features of ProSeries tax software hosting

Intuit ProSeries, a professional tax software, is a comprehensive suite that not only accelerates filing and tax preparation processes. It also saves time by using built-in time-saving features for more efficient and simplified processes and can also perform diagnostics for error checking with automated calculations to ensure accurate filing. Intuit ProSeries is one of the easiest to use tax software.

Performance and integration:

— Digital management of E signatures to track real-time status updates.
— ProSeries fixed assets manager lets you import assets into various activities.
— Direct download of clients from participating financial institutions can be fully integrated and comes with ProSeries.
— Make your document management system secure & reliable with SmartVault integration.

Data Accessibility:

— Track the source of field data using line sensitive help.
— Automatically download newer versions of ProSeries.
— Get support while working in return with constant on-screen help.
— Transfer of data with K-1 data import.

Client management:

— Keeping track of the progress and status of the client returns with client status.
— We are tracking all the missing data in return for missing client data.
— Easily collect all your documents with the Intuit link portal.
— Tax planner for estimating your payments, withholdings, expenses in future years.

Utilities and Tool:

— PDF attachments for E-Filing returns.
— E File returns for the previous year with multi-year E-Filing.
— File confidently with the ability to lock returns with E-file locked returns.
— Automatically download updates in ProSeries software with Task Scheduler.

Advances in cloud technology are fueling automation industries, including accounting. This is an excellent opportunity for accountants to create new roles. The one thing that we can all agree on is that change is happening and happening fast. As technological advancements continue to develop, accountants will need to decide if it’s best to jump on board and harness change to bring about opportunity. With solutions like ProSeries hosting on Quick Cloud, accountants & tax preparers can embrace this new technology. Look at what cloud can add to your practice, not what it takes away. Emerging cloud technology is the next wave for accountants to grow their practices and offer more value to their clients. Taking advantage of innovative ways to use existing client information is cost-effective to increase ROI for accountants and their clients. Automating marketing increases business from existing clients, leads to more referrals, and frees up valuable time.

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